Bed Bugs Products that Actually Work!

Bed bugs are one of the most bothersome insects that can infest your household. We all need bed bugs products to combat these suckers! Not only they are hard to uncover, but getting rid of them is quite a challenging feat for homeowners. The most important question that needs to be answered in this case would be – how in the actual world do I get rid of these suckers – right?

Actually, there are many methods and remedies to get rid of them. But most of these techniques are time-consuming and taxing. So the next possible question would be: Are there any available products that I can use to get rid of pesky bed bugs? And the answer is yes! There are actually many of these products that give guarantee of getting rid of bed bugs. And the most convenient of these products is the bed bug spray.

Looking for the most effective bed bug spray is again another challenging task. Several bed bug sprays are not as efficient as they promise. Results from independent laboratory tests are the basis for comparison among these over-the-counter sprays.

Bed bbed bugs productsug sprays vary in price but the basic sprays can be purchased for under $5.00. Be familiar with the ingredients used because some of the products contain certain chemicals. If you are concerned about chemicals that may harm your children or pets, there are all-natural or non-toxic bed bug sprays that you can buy. It is crucial to select a spray that is safe yet effective. You definitely don’t want to waste your money on useless products.

Below is the list of the top rated bed bug sprays that might also work for you:

  • Bed Bug Patrol

Based on an independent lab test results, Bed Bug Patrol is the leading all-natural bed bug spray specifically formulated to kill bed bugs. This product is consists of organic ingredients like peppermint, cloves and coconut extract oil. It has been proven to be effective against bed bugs but safe to humans and animals.  Research study shows that Bed Bug Patrol, upon testing, caused 92% bed bug mortality rate after 10 days. According to reviews, drawbacks of this product include unpleasant strong smell and can only kills in contact with bed bugs.

  • Eco-Living Friendly (ELF) for Bed Bugs

This product prides itself by using organic minerals, a yeast based protein and other non-toxic elements to give you 100% environment-friendly spray. It is safe to use that you can wash with it, spray it on your kids, pets, anywhere in your home where beg bugs can possibly hide. This product should be used for two weeks to guarantee the thorough elimination, once a day for the first week and every other day for the succeeding weeks. It is non-toxic, biodegradable, and odor-free.

  • Best Yet Insect Spray

This product is verified to be effective and is made from food grade elements so it does not emit repulsive odor. This 100% natural bed bug spray makes use of organic solution of red cedar oil and quartz which makes this product safe for human and environment. It offers the power to get rid of bed bugs naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals.

  • PuraCleenRx

Although this spray is not all-natural, it uses an innovative and creative formula designed to kill and repel bed bugs immediately from the first try. It contains benzalkonium chloride which is also the same component as common hospital disinfectants. PuraCleenRx Bed Bug Spray doesn’t give off any strong or repulsive odor. It can be used to treat infested bed and safe enough to sleep on it the same night. It is also non-toxic so it won’t harm your family or pets.

  • JT Eaton Kills Bed Bugs Plus

Independent laboratory test showed that JT Eaton Kills Bed Bugs had a 100% bed bug mortality rate after 8 days. This verified this product to significantly perform better than all other tested products. It kills bed bugs on contact and provides up to 12 weeks of lasting protection against bed bugs. Active ingredients consist of pyrethrins, pipronyl butoxide and permethrin. Not a natural spray, it produces unpleasant smell and should be used near children or pets.

Bed bug sprays come in different types and components. It is always advisable to read the labels for instructions and active ingredients present.

In deciding which bed bug sprays to choose, consider your particular situation and use this to make a better decision.

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